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November 5th, 2015

If your children love sports (and what kid doesn’t like soccer, swimming or any other such activity?) then you might want to look twice on what school you choose for them.

private-schools-sportsMost of the time, what public schools have to show when it comes to sports is rather underwhelming, to say it mildly.

In our family, sports always had a high priority.

We want our children to attend schools where they have plenty of choices for their favourite team sports including soccer and hockey.

We not only think that sports is beneficial for our children’s health, we also think that engaging in sports can help teach our children a lot of qualities that can be advantageous later on in their lives.

However, a lot of the public schools we were looking at seem to treat sports as if it be some “not so important” thing you do on the side. Some schools didn’t have any sport facilities while other school’s sports facilities had been very poorly maintained and we found them in rather bad shape.

When we looked at private schools, we got an entirely different picture. Almost any private school be looked at was keen and proud to show us their sports teams along with their various achievements and trophies.

I talked to several teachers about what I think about the importance of sports in our schools and was very glad to hear that pretty much anyone agreed with my stance there.

Make no mistake, I’m not saying that my children shouldn’t learn maths or science. Those things are of course very important. But every kid needs a balance in their life and sports is one of those things that can give it to them.

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